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Diamonds are booba’s best friend

Most watches have flat sapphire crystals with anti-reflective coating since they want to prevent distortion. To get Corum’s Bubble view, the opposite is true since the distortion that is due to its high domed sapphire crystal is what creates the Corum Watches Zurich Replica Bubble unique. And since the domed sapphire crystal is so extreme, the distortion it causes gives the watch an otherworldly look.This is doubly so once you consider the Corum Bubble 47 Tourbillon watch has large brass skull that makes up the dial. The large hollowed and vacant eyes together with the charcoal black dial along with also the distortion from domed crystal creates a gothic look that is seldom seen in different watches. Completing the creepy impact is the flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock, which is framed from the mouth of this skull.Speaking of which, the skull at the Corum Bubble 47 Tourbillon reminds me of the skull of Marvel Comics’ Punisher. And to me, it’s character, with more menacing and appealing appearances than, say, the skull designs utilized by HYT within their Skull Bad Boy watch or by Bell & Ross within their BR01 Burning Skull “Tattoo” watch (hands-on here).

Booba doesn’t count sheep any more…now he counts the 31 carats of diamonds on his Corum watch. The rapper received the one-of-a-kind model from Corum Marketing Director Frédéric Layani. With a thousand diamonds, it was made to be as brilliant as its new owner. This Bubble engraved D.U.C just sealed the partnership deal – a product of the artist’s true love for Corum’s exquisitely unique pieces and craftsmanship.

Booba raps a lot about watches and diamonds, so it’s no big surprise his lyrics are on this custom-made watch. As loyal as ever, Corum Watches First Copy Price Replica followed him past the point of no return… Fist raised high, now Booba’s wrist is adorned with 1,017 diamonds and 12 baguette-cut sapphires. Diamonds set on gold and a case that houses the famous CO 055 skeleton movement, the watch is enhanced by the sublimely unique box.

Diamonds are booba’s best friend

French rapper Booba and his diamonds Bubble watch © Corum

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