Replica David Ferrer, Bovet 1822 ambassador

A spokesperson for the watch replica brand since February 2008, David Ferrer is competing this week in the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters. The values cherished by Bovet 1822 include ethics, perseverance and consistent endeavours to attain excellence. These are also among the guiding principles followed by David Ferrer in the pursuit of his life and career.

Whether on court or at the heart of timepieces, the precision of every movement is precisely calculated to the nearest millimetre.

The youthful 34-year-old wears a Tourbillon Ottanta® from the Bovet by Pininfarina collection on his wrist. This model featuring an Amadeo type case – convertible into a twin-sided wristwatch, a miniature table clock or a pocket watch replica – is engraved with eight phrases, each evoking one of the eight decades in the history of Pininfarina since the 1930s.

Tourbillon Ottanta Pininfarina

Tourbillon Ottanta Pininfarina © Bovet 1822

The energy required to power the two barrels of the in-house Bovet 16BA01 movement is supplied by an off-centred bidirectional platinum micro-rotor. This option ensures an obstructed view of the tourbillon carriage, whichever side of the watch replica the wearer decides to display. The tourbillon performs a full turn in exactly 80 seconds, as opposed to the traditional one-minute revolution. This specific feature was designed as a tribute to Pininfarina’s 80th anniversary year.

Achieving this rotation time involved creating an intersection in the going train. The latter is divided into two separate reductions trains: one powering the seconds-crown which makes one full turn in three minutes; and the other transmitting its energy to the tourbillon carriage so that the latter completes each rotation in 80 seconds.

Finally, in addition to the hours, minutes, seconds and tourbillon, the watch replica also provides a pointer-type power-reserve display at 9 o’clock, while the large date appears at 6 o’clock on two concentric discs.

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