I Love Carbon Fiber, & I Think Willis Judd Knew That About Me

 Willis Judd and I.  was very cool watch brand.  Replica Willis Judd has packed their inaugural creation with a lot of value: sapphire is used for the raised and bevelled crystal, and each watch comes with two straps that feature a quick-release springbar (changing straps is as easy as it gets). The carbon fiber is well done and looks fantastic.

Replica Willis Judd’s Carbon Fiber Dial

One of the hardest things to capture in photography is how light plays with materials. Carbon fiber has a really great effect when lit with the right kind of lighting and I really wanted to capture that with this photo shoot.

As the angle of the fake watch in relation to the light source changes, so too does the dial. The textures are rich, and if you’re familiar with carbon fiber, you’ll appreciate the quality of the inlay on the dial. Suffice to say that it looks excellent, even under zoom- especially under zoom.

Willis Judd Carbon Fiber Watch

Willis Judd is Shipping Two Straps With Each  fake Watch

With a lot of watches, the inclusion of a second strap is less of a draw than it sounds since most people don’t actually know how to change straps on their watches. However, fake Willis Judd has smartly chosen to use quick-release straps; a quick-release springbar in the strap makes swapping it out the strap for a new one a job that takes seconds and requires no tools.

Also, the straps look and feel great. The black on red carbon fiber strap that came attached to this carbon fiber beauty is comfortable and matches the aesthetic perfectly; the second included strap, a black cow-grain leather with a deep tan underside, feels luxurious and comfortable to wear.

Willis Judd Carbon Fiber Watches Unboxing

Willis Judd Carbon Fiber Watch Strap

What’s It Like On the Wrist? In a Word: Bulletproof

The PVD coating (AAA quality, by the way) and sapphire crystal make the watch quite durable. This is a good thing, as the crystal is bevelled and raised by about 1mm compared to the rest of the case. Were it mineral, I’d be worried.

It’s got good weight to it, but it doesn’t feel heavy. Despite its 45mm size, the extensive use of black and carbon fiber makes the fake Willis Judd wear smaller than it is. It will fit most men pretty well.